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Ingenion have a niche in the electronics, sub-contract, manufacturing market the assembly of specific intrinsically safe products to the ATEX, IECEx, CSA and FM standards. It is these exacting approvals that are the philosophy to the processes and procedures of the Company and ensure that we operate to the highest standards. Ingenion has LRQA accredited certification to ISO9001:2008; SGS BASEEFA certification of products to ATEX and IECEx standards; Canadian Standards Association (CSA) and Factory Mutual (USA FM) and LRQA marine certification of specific products. Please see below our current certificates.

All of the above agencies regularly audit the company, its staff, quality manual and all processes and procedures to verify compliance to the standards for the specifically approved products. We also have an independent internal audit carried out by an expert consultant ex LRQA.

  • SGS BASEEFA audit to BS EN ISO/IEC 80079-34 every 18 months.
  • LRQA audit to ISO9001:2008 every 9 months
  • CSA audit every 3 months
  • FM audit every 3 months
  • LRQA Marine audit every 12 months
  • Internal audit to ISO9001:2008 and ISO/IEC 80079-34 every 12 months

In addition all of our printed circuit boards are UL approved and bare board tested for shorts and opens. Pcbs can be supplied to whatever finish is required such as immersion gold on electroless nickel as the finest to RoHS compliant hot air levelled. All intrinsically safe product manufactured by us is certified and all components used are confirmed and traceable. In fact all of the components used in all of our products are traceable. Our supply chain is checked regularly in accordance with the standards and all components purchased are through franchised distribution. We have never in a 30 year history had to recall any product. Our returns rate is extremely small.

Our stores and production are manned by skilled operators and supervisor. All staff have individual training records, which are scrutinized at every audit. All test equipment is calibrated annually by an independent, accredited test house and audited. All of our stores, purchasing, stock control, production and accounts are operated through SAP an internationally renowned software package.

Our comprehensive list of approvals may not be entirely unique, but there are very few companies that can boast this collection of standards. All of this is designed to ensure you get the very best quality, on time delivery and at very competitive prices.

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