Product Manufacturing Services

Ingenion specialise in the manufacture of intrinsically safe (IS) products for hazardous environments in areas such as Gas transmission and processing and instrumentation control.

The company makes over 30 IS products for various customers. Equipment is manufactured in accordance with specific requirements of the ATEX Directive 2014/35/EU and Ingenion has Quality Systems in place to ensure equipment manufactured is suitable for Explosives atmosphere applications through implementation of the Standard ISO/IEC 80079-34:2011.

Audited by BASEEFA on behalf of ATEX and IECEx over many years we have the expertise, experience and the skills to make sure your quality product is safe with rigorous manufacturing and testing. Implementing special handling procedures, safety critical component checks and declarations of conformity providing traceability on all intrinsically safe product manufactured.

Ingenion can provide a unique blend of product design including electronics, software, mechanics coupled with these manufacturing services.

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‘Our experience of working with Ingenion is seamless, we find Ingenion offer only the highest quality of service and industry knowledge, backed by experience to ensure effective solutions and on time project schedules’

Oliver McCarthy, General Manager, Tekelek Europe Ltd.



Full Turnkey Product Manufacture

Ingenion can provide a full turnkey solution for your product manufacture. Ingenion has the manufacturing facility and resource and engineering technical support from Tekelek Europe as well a Tekelek Asia, to provide scaled up manufacture and supply of the complete product, from design, manufacture and test to the final packaging ready for your customer supply.

Contract Manufacture Services

Ingenion can provide contract manufacturing services for your high-volume PCB or product manufacture and can process your requirement from initial concept to volume manufacture smoothly, and cost effectively offering you the best solution for your continued production build.

Electro-Mechanical Product Assembly

Ingenion can provide electro-mechanical build services from simple sub -assemblies incorporating cabling, crimping, to complex mechanical assembly. Our assembly operatives are versatile, fully trained and experience in a variety of product assemblies and complexities as required.

Box Build Assembly

Ingenion can offer a complete box build solution incorporating the electro-mechanical build of sub-assemblies through to complete final product build. Ingenion Test operatives, completed by Engineering team within Ingenion and Tekelek can provide design of test fixtures for functional test capabilities, and enable your product to be assembled, tested and packed ready for shipment to your customer.

Prototype Manufacture Services

Prototype work which requires versatile skills and solutions to initial fitment checks and technical feedback to your design team is provided by experienced team during any prototype manufacturing service undertaken. From Bills of materials (BOM) checks to purchasing supply solutions, all stages from initial concept to full production are managed to ensure you can make your product; fit for purpose, for manufacture, and exceptional for your customer. Ingenion can make your idea a reality.


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