PCB Manufacturing Services

Ingenion is an approved manufacturing facility for Intrinsically safe products, working to approvals including ISO9001, ATEX, IECEx and CSA across a range of our customers PCB assemblies.

Ingenion can offer competitive PCB Manufacturing services with our in-house capability here in the UK for PCB assembly of surface mount or mixed technology, product assembly, cable assembly, encapsulation, conformal coating and supply chain management. SMT machine placement and reflow equipment is operated by a dedicated, highly skilled manufacturing team, performing PCB assembly processes to a high degree of precision and accuracy.

We can manage the complete project from procurement of your components though to assembly and test. Using franchised distribution supply chain and quality procedures in place for full traceability of parts.

To discuss your requirements please contact us for a quotation or further information at enquiries@ingenion.co.uk.



Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Assembly

PCB assembly of SMT and conventional components using RoHS complaint components. Printed Circuit Boards from our key audited suppliers are UL approved to your required specification. Panellised to achieve optimal performance and volume for manufacture.  PCB assembly is via Pick and Place machine and also if required manually for specific components. Our operators are trained to IPC standards (IPC-A-610, Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies and IPC-7711/IPC-7721, for repair and rework of electronic assemblies).


Surface Mount Technology Assembly (SMT)

Ingenion us a Swiss Essemtec Placement machine for surface mount technology assembly.  The skilled manufacturing team operate with accuracy and precision the stencilling processes, pick and place and reflow oven.  Lead Free (RoHS compliant) solder paste. Placement of surface mount devices including fine QFP’s, TSOPS, MSOPS and 201 components upwards. Consistent solder reflowing for quality solder joints. Ingenion will work with our circuit board suppliers to optimise your panels from your Gerber data depending on your volume requirements.


Through Hole Device Assembly (THD)

Through hole component placement capabilities and wave flow soldering and also if required manual insertion or forming for specific components. Our highly skilled operators are trained to IPC standards (IPC-A-610, Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies and IPC-7711/IPC-7721, for repair and rework of electronic assemblies).


Encapsulation Processes

Various encapsulation techniques are used across a wide range of our customers PCB assemblies. Various compounds and conformal sprays are able to be used for potting, encapsulating of PCB’, sub-assemblies and products on site.


Prototype Manufacture Services

Alongside our standard PCB assembly service, we also offer prototype manufacturing services to assist in small volume for new product introduction projects. This can involve procurement for the PCB assembly project and also technical feedback on the initial prototype runs to assist future manufacturing.


Quick Turnaround Services

Ingenion offer 5 – 10 working day turn-around for batches ranging up to 100 off to meet your prototype requirements.  Ingenion can provide a full component supply service as well as using free issue kits to complete your urgent requirements during new product introduction.


Supply Chain Management

All components sourced are RoHS compliant, and all suppliers are reviewed continuously to provide the best price and quality, via franchised distribution chain. Our inhouse traceability is further supported using our group wide SAP system, ensuring full reporting capabilities to provide critical component lists for our customers. We can offer full supply chain management from your BOM requirements through to final shipment of product, providing quality and inspection aspects expected in company working to stringent quality standards.


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