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The same processes and procedures used by Ingenion to manufacture intrinsically safe products for hazardous environments are used in our general assembly. You might think with our array of audited quality standards (see quality page) there would be a premium to pay, but you would be wrong, as we are highly competitive with our in-house capability here in the UK. Should the volume be high enough we offer our own group company Tekelek Asia in China, that is under our control. So no worries associated with IP, part substitution or counterfeiting. So whether you are looking for pcb assembly surface mount or mixed, product assembly, cable assembly, encapsulation or conformal coating or supply chain management in prototype upto large scale volume then send us your data for quotation.

Manufacture of intrinsically safe products

We specialise in the manufacture of intrinsically safe products for hazardous environments such as the GasPt2 for gas transmission and processing . We currently make over 30 IS products for different customers. Audited by BASEEFA on behalf of ATEX and IECEx over many years we have the expertise, experience and the skills to make sure your quality product is safe with rigorous manufacturing and testing with all the documentation to prove it including special handling, safety critical component checks and declarations of conformity. We manage the supply chain to these exacting standards so you don’t have to worry. All this at a competitive price that will surprise you.

Supply chain management and manufacturing in China

We can manage your complete supply chain including purchasing to defined bills of materials, supplier quality checks and visits, pcb assembly, inspection and test, product assembly, packaging and shipping to your customer. The problem with using Far East sub-contractors is distance and culture. How do you ensure that they consistently carry out your instructions? The first samples are always good and thereafter, well we have all heard the stories. Our solution is simple our Group has its own manufacturing facility in Shenzhen province in China. On each transfer of product we send our own team to ensure that your product is fully understood and is running smoothly. Components may be free issued or sourced from China, but always to high standards. Our European quality team make regular checks and our Operations Manager makes frequent visits. So Far East prices under European guidance, purchasing and quality control gives you the ideal and flexible solution.

Surface mount

Here in the UK we use Swiss Essemtec technology in our stencilling, pick and place and reflow ovens. This ensures precise pasting in lead free (RoHS compliant) or lead solder paste, the accurate placement of surface mount devices including fine QFP’s, TSOPS, MSOPS and 201 components upwards at speeds of 5000 components an hour and consistent solder reflowing for quality solder joints. We will take your Gerber data and panellise the circuit to achieve optimum performance and volume within our capability. We offer a technical service with advice for you to get the best from the design and the manufacturing service.

Mixed and conventional assembly

Many pcbs are mixed technology requiring the assembly of surface mount and conventional through hole components. Pick and place of SM components with wave flow soldering of conventional components or with highly skilled operators hand soldering parts does the job to perfection. Through hole components are inserted manually using trained operators and then flow soldered.

Product assembly

We have built many hand-held instruments, products and systems using a variety of skills. These include optical instruments, thermal cyclers, enclosures and DIN rail mounted systems. Our operators are trained for all operations including understanding drawings and multi-task product and pcb builds. As required each build is inspected at various stages in accordance with customer or in-house instructions.

Other services

Other services on offer include test gear design and manufacture, cable assembly, cabinet wiring and purchasing of all components not just electronics. We conformally coat pcbs and encapsulate sub-assemblies and products on-site. We offer a rework service to remove those tricky components. In short we offer a complete service as you would expect from a modern electronics manufacturing facility housed in our 6000 square feet factory in Kimbolton, Cambs, UK.

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