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Appointing a company to design your next product is about trust. Criteria include:-

  • Do they have the expertise?
  • Do they have the relevant experience?
  • Do they have the resources and are these resources available?
  • Do they solve problems well?
  • Will they meet the deadline and cost?
  • Do they deliver a product fit for purpose?
  • Will they work with my designers or sales/marketing team?
  • In short can I do business with this company?

Whereas we cannot pretend to be all things to all men we have over 30 years experience and expertise in the design of instrumentation for industrial, biotechnology, medical, laboratory and test and measurement markets. This diverse range of product usually contains microcontrollers, embedded firmware, measurement and transducers, analogue and digital electronics design, analysis, display, low power, logging and control. If your design includes any or all of these requirements then you need to talk to us.

CO2 detector for Re-breather

We also design through in-group engineers and through associates EMC circuits, mechanical and industrial design, optics, printed circuit board artwork, chemistry and many other engineering skills.

We are also specialists in the design and manufacture of intrinsically safe (IS) products for hazardous environments to the ATEX and IECEx standards and are regularly audited by BASEEFA. We currently make over 30 IS products for a number of customers. We have the experience of the design process for hazardous products and working with BASEEFA engineers to achieve ATEX accreditation. Hazardous areas include petrochemical, gas processing and supply, industrial processes, mines and many others.

GasPt2 incorporated into enclosure

Within the Group we have a 9 man research and development resource of qualified and experienced engineers. I cannot guarantee this resource being available for your project as we are very busy being the sole design resource for a number of companies, but we are expanding this capability and are very keen to take on new customers and new projects.

Smart Award for Innovation

Ingenion has always prided itself on its ability to solve problems and to come up with innovative solutions to problems. Recognised for innovation by the government’s UK Trade and Investment Department by winning multiple ‘Small Firms Merit Awards for Research and Technology’ (SMART) awards. These awards were organised in regions and companies were invited to compete. Only a select few were chosen from many applicants as worthy winners of this coveted award. The Eastern Region of which we were part and including Cambridge with its cluster of high tech and innovation companies was overly subscribed, which made it even more prestigious to win from this area. In all Ingenion won four such awards over the years.

Ingenion generally quotes in a series of stages for the whole design project enabling customers to realise the complete cost for the work. Where this is not possible because of the unknowns in the project we would offer a feasibility study to resolve any issues then followed by a fixed quotation. The project is kept under review by the project leader and formal review stages are included in the proposal. A set of deliverables accompanies the end of a stage, so that the customer can see tangible evidence of progress.

Many long term strategic partnerships have been built up over the years with customers. It is this bond, trust and mutual respect that enables both parties to move forward together. We are easy to get on with and have worked with multidiscipline teams in the past.

So whether you are a multinational, startup or one man band come and talk to us about your vision of the future and how we can add value through innovation to your designs.

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