Humidity Monitor High Volume

Designed and manufactured in 10,000’s by Ingenion for a market leading company making humidity and oxygen analysers, this low-cost humidity monitor passes a current signal and power down the same two wires.

The design specification to return a basic and fundamental measurement using a low-cost microcontroller, low- power, using only 2 wires and capable of manufacture in the 10,000’s was met. Moisture in gas dramatically affects the measurement, moisture in grain reduces its value and there are many applications where corrosion or the formation of bacteria or ice crystals is a problem. Therefore, an accurate and reliable means of measuring moisture is essential. This device in measuring humidity and or controlling driers has a variety of applications. Also made available is an intrinsically safe version designed and certified by ATEX, IECEx, CSA and FM for use in hazardous areas where flammable and explosive gases are present