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Case Studies


Flow Injection Analyser

As part of a design team Ingenion was involved with the LINK program involving two UK Universities as well as The Royal London Hospital, SmithKline Beecham and Thames Water.The team designed and built a very small Flow Injection Analyser and spectrophotometer for use in biomedical and water analysis applications. Gas powered and built like lego blocks a series of analysers could be produced. The microtubes were produced in acrylic using a technique of building up the layers in a precise fashion. Reagents could be squirted into the flow at various points and the resulting reaction analysed by the spectrophotometer.


GasPt2 Natural Gas Analyser

Designed in collaboration with British Gas the GasPt2 is a revolutionary and innovative means of measuring the constituents of Natural Gas and provides a fast, low cost and reliable measurement as an alternative to the conventional Gas Chromatograph. By measuring the thermal conductivity, pressure, speed of sound and carbon dioxide the constituents of the gas are inferred. By calculating the calorific value, Wobbe index, relative density and compression factor the quality of the gas is determined for fiscal metering and process control applications. Ingenion as well as being part of the design team has the world-wide rights to the exclusive manufacture of the GasPt2. Atex intrinsically safe and Ofgem approved it is installed throughout the National Grid in the UK and approved and installed by many gas processing and pipeline companies across the globe. Refer to the video in the design section of the website to see how the product is incorporated into the GasPti and located on the pipeline.


Two wire Humidity Monitor

Designed and manufactured in 10,000’s by Ingenion for a market leading company making humidity and oxygen analysers this low cost humidity monitor passes a current signal and power down the same two wires. Returning to a basic and fundamental measurement with a low cost microcontroller from Texas Instruments the brief of a simple, low power using 2 wires only for signal and power, low cost product capable of being manufactured in 10,000’s, was met. Moisture in gas dramatically affects the measurement, moisture in grain reduces its value and there are many applications where corrosion or the formation of bacteria or ice crystals is a problem. Therefore an accurate and reliable means of measuring moisture is essential. Therefore this device in measuring humidity and or controlling driers has a variety of applications. Dew point is -100 to +20 deg C. Also made available is an intrinsically safe version designed and certified by ATEX, IECEx, CSA and FM for use in hazardous areas where flammable and explosive gases are present.


Carbon Dioxide Monitor and Dive Computer

Designed and manufactured by Ingenion Design Ltd for the French and Israeli military this SMART award winning device measures and logs the concentration of carbon dioxide within a diver’s rebreathing loop. Used by the BBC to photograph seals in their natural underwater environment without causing alarm, this device is an important part of a rebreathing loop. Divers use rebreathers for long duration, greater depth and without detection underwater exploration. The rebreather is a sealed breathing loop where carbon dioxide is chemically removed and mixed with appropriate gas to maintain the diver. As with any chemical scrubbing process there are inherent dangers of the build-up of poisonous carbon dioxide caused by the depletion of the scrubber, poor packing or through cavitation. This device measures and logs the CO2 directly and warns the diver, if the level exceeds pre-programmed limits long before there is a risk of unconsciousness. A dive computer is incorporated within the device for return to surface decompression stops to avoid the bends. A rugged, low power, reliable and accurate device was required for this very demanding hyperbaric application.


DNA amplifier

With the human genome project and genetic engineering in its infancy Ingenion was commissioned to design and manufacture thermal cyclers for DNA amplification. There at the beginning of the establishment of the Sanger Institute part of the Wellcome Trust Human Genome Campus in Cambridge, Ingenion designed and manufactured the electronics for a number of instruments for this application. For research, forensic and many other applications considerable amounts of DNA are required. It is possible using a technique called polymerase chain reaction (PCR) pioneered by the Medical Research Council and the Wellcome Foundation, that uses precise thermal cycling and a cocktail of enzymes it is possible to produce relatively large amounts from minute quantities of DNA. It is nice to know that we played a small part in the mapping of the human genome and from what was a small building with a few scientists and technicians the Sanger Institute has grown to the magnificent campus it is today with a world renowned name for excellence in genetics. Many of the companies that produced pioneering instruments in this field have been taken over by large USA Corporations and today all of our thermal cyclers are made in the US. Nevertheless our expertise remains and we continue to design medical devices and manufacture instruments for medical applications.

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